larkspur 6-13-19

The Garden in June


Larkspur and stock in the foreground and calendula, onions, and cucumber in the background.


The garden got off to a late start after an incredibly rainy winter, finishing up with the most rain ever recorded in the month of May. Next we had a mini heat wave in early June with temperatures in the garden hitting 102-103 degrees for three days. Fortunately peppers, beans, zucchini, tomatoes, and cucumbers love the heat.


Here is a photo of the first cucumber of the season.


I had to pack dried alfalfa into most of the beds to protect the new plants from the high temperatures. I forgot to mentionĀ  that 40 mph winds preceded the heat wave, so this mulch helped the plants survive the harsh weather conditions. The alfalfa decomposes and adds nitrogen to the soil, a tip I learned from Mark Van Horn the former Director of the UC Davis Student Farm.


Lavender and sage blooming in the garden border.


The hollyhocks Maggie planted two years ago just started blooming.


We have continued to harvest carrots, onions and herbs.

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