PCC flowers 7-9-19

The Garden in July

Flowers for the cafe harvested on July 9th include zinnias, stock, gomphrena, annual lavatera, Shasta daisies, and yarrow.


The garden’s zinnia beds on July 9th.


We have had mostly lovely summer weather this month and the garden is full of herbs, flowers, and summer vegetables such as cucumbers, zucchini, bush beans, peppers, and tomatoes. This year we tried one of the previous gardener’s suggestions which was to put the basil plants on the east side of the trellised tomato vines so they would get afternoon shade. In the photo below taken on July 18th, you will see how this works. Last weekend we had a mini heat wave with temperatures spiking at 106 degrees on Sunday, July 28th and the basil did just fine. This variety is Genovese basil.


Other plants that love the heat are these small maroon and white flowered dahlias, curled parsley, and Thai peppers in the photo below. The garden’s hot pepper bed is in the background.


The photo below shows our first Padrone pepper harvest on July 18th. We keep harvested basil in cups of water for the trip over to the cafe.



Stop by and visit the garden sometime.

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