November: The Mother Heron

The garden has a new member this month: a twelve-foot heron done in sheet metal and rebar by Winters resident, sculptor, and cafe regular Ron Larson. The heron has magnetized passersby at Ron’s property since he built and installed it. Other birds, too. “They think she’s the mother bird!” said Ron on installation day. Now the sculpture is even more available for residents, visitors and downtown birds to appreciate, and it will keep watch over the plants, too.


And a sign at the garden’s entrance coming soon…

The mother heron serves to further link the cafe and garden together. The cafe’s longtime logo has been a heron; the bird can be spotted on the t-shirts of all the servers. It’s a bioregional symbol, too — pride for Putah Creek that still runs through town, to which salmon return to spawn┬áin the winter and crusty gardeners to float in the summer.


Many thanks to Ron, Matt, Caleb and Rigo for their expert installation work — done in a morning and literally cemented in garden mulch and history!


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