March: Successulents

I used to think succulents were the bacon of gardening. By that I mean one could add bacon to virtually any dinner and make it taste better. It’s so easy it’s almost cheating. That was before I started maintaining metal outdoor planters on a sunny brick and stone sidewalk. Through a record heat Winters summer. While pregnant. Ha! Now I think: if it’s easy to grow, accept the gift nature is giving you.

Succulents and herbs happily co-habitating

Succulents are an excellent choice for the low-fertility, fullest-sun environments we all probably have somewhere in our yards. And as luck would have it, the folks at Morning Sun Herb Farm on Pleasants Valley Rd. love a succulent and have many excellent varieties from which to choose. They’re versatile, come in a diversity of earthy shades that look gorgeous when grown together, and many bloom each year with surprisingly lush flowers and colors.

A slightly wilder look in another planter

I gave the planters on the east patio of the cafe a makeover à succulent last Spring, and this March they are in beautiful form. They get along well with other drought-tolerant herbs like thyme and sage, and I like to pepper in a few seasonal flowers for extra color and effect, too: white cyclamen right now. Looking forward to seeing their continued growth this spring and summer…

March 6th

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