February: Hail!

February! We’ve had an interesting month in the garden weather-wise, with the beginning of February bringing some decidedly faux-Spring weather and little to no rain. The soil warmed into the 50’s, the almonds around Winters bloomed, and I almost fell for it. I got my cilantro seed ready! I organized flower seed! But in the end wisdom won out and I stayed my hand. Almost on cue, the last week brought the coldest temperatures of the winter yet with a few nights of sub-30 degree temps. And today: hail! A group of customers leaving the cafe after lunch and I ended up waiting out a brief hailstorm under the entrance awning, and one knew exactly the process by which hail is formed and eloquently explained it to me. Moisture collects around particles and circles between warm and cold air long enough to freeze and gain enough mass to fall. Very cool. Unless the plants get really pummeled, they should be fine. I stopped by the garden before leaving and shook out the row covers to take the weight off.

Hail on February 26th. That walnut mulch makes everything look good.

Despite the odd weather and season we’ve had some fun things coming out of the garden this month: Ben and company made use of all this year’s garlic in the form of delicate green garlic. Baby beets and beet greens have been in the harvest, and we grew our first lettuces this Winter, pretty little Salanovas that are popular currently. See you next month!

Salanova Red Curly and Red Butter lettuces

Baby Nantes carrots and Chioggia beets

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