The garden made it through June’s heat waves with aplomb. I’m proud of those plants! The beginning of July also marks the real beginning of our tomatoes. Fear not if your May-planted tomatoes are still getting going. Even the glimpse of incoming summer weather brings tomatoes onto store shelves and restaurant menus, but these are grown in …



Late May-early June marks garlic harvesting time for many growers in the area, and that includes us! Most garlic here is fall-planted around mid-October, overwintered, and harvested in late Spring. While garlic can be planted first thing in the Spring, fall plantings yield larger heads on account of having more time to develop. (Longer day …



After a few years hiatus the cafe garden blog is up and running again. Check back monthly for posts highlighting seasonal crops, recent harvests and meals, and growing information you can apply to your own horticultural haven.   About the Putah Creek Cafe Kitchen Garden:   The PCC garden consists of 4,000 square feet of growing space …



Tasty Tomatoes

The Putah Creek Cafe Garden had several varieties of tomatoes in the garden this summer. The ones featured in the photo are  Super Sioux, Juliet and Roma tomatoes.



Garden Flowers

The summer garden was filled with flowers! These beautiful flowers attracted many pollinators to the garden. The flowers were also cut and put into vases for the tables at the cafe.


Harvesting Kale

Welcome to the Putah creek cafe garden page! Our restaurant takes pride in bringing our guest the freshest ingredients possible, we can achieve that partly with our garden, located just across the street from the cafe Our gardener Christina Bradley,  graduated form the California Farm academy in 2012 and has been taking care of our …