April & May: Garden in the news!

It’s been a busy, and exciting, couple of months at the garden, which I will definitely use as a reason for a joint April-May post. We’ve had both our first private pop-up dinner event, and a visit from the local news!

The garden does clean up pretty nicely — add a few string lights and some good food and friends and a night is made.

Even better, we didn’t have to clean up twice. KCRA 3 visited the garden on Tuesday for a farm-to-fork segment set to air on the 4pm news tomorrow, Friday 5/18, and again this weekend. I led cameraman Mike and anchor Toni Valliere on a garden tour. Afterward, Chef Bret Constantino of Buckhorn Catering demo-ed a Putah Creek Garden Salad: Salanova lettuces and radishes from the garden, marinated beets from local farms, tossed in a simple vinaigrette and set over a dangerously good-looking whipped goat cheese base. YUM. Not just your run of the mill beet and goat cheese salad, folks. You could be eating this salad while watching the KCRA segment on your phone at the cafe this weekend! The future is here.

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